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Hellgate squads dominate city meet

Just as the smoke refuses to leave the valley, Adam Peterman and Paige Gilchrist refuse to leave the podium.Peterman and Gilchrist led the Missoula Hellgate runners to a dominating performance at the 3 mile Runner's Edge Missoula City Cross Country Meet on Thursday at the Missoula Equestrian Park.The No. 6 ranked nationally Peterman won by more than 30 seconds with a time of 15 minutes, 11 seconds."Since I was a sophomore, I've won this meet," he said. "It's cool to win it three years in a row. I'm feeling good and relaxed and I'm definitely happy with the performance."Peterman's teammates, Drew Gottman and Chris Herrick, finished in a tie for second at 15:46.Rounding out the top five for the boys were Missoula Sentinel's Nick Hamilton at 15:48 and Missoula Big Sky's Matt Brown at 15:53.In an event featuring the three Class AA Missoula high schools and Class A Darby, the Hellgate boys ran away with the top team score of 21 points. The Eagles were second with 49 and Sentinel finished with 58.Although Darby's team was not being scored, the Tigers' Tyler Morris finished 20th overall with a time of 17:28.With state coming up Oct. 20 in Helena, Peterman is confident his (non political) running mates will come up victorious."We're a really solid team this year," he said. "We're the favorite "Anadrol 50" going into state and I'm hoping we can come out on top and win it."Despite being the favorites, it is unlikely the Knights will find the state course easier than that of the equestrian park."This is an exremely fast course," Peterman said. "I prefer the (University of Testosterone Cypionate Steroid Montana) golf course over this, "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" but this one's definitely very flat and fast."This course has nothing to do with the one at state. Since the state meet is the biggest race I have this year, I want it to be my favorite and I'll be most excited for it."On the girls' side, Gilchrist finished nearly 50 seconds ahead of the pack at 17:04, winning "Anaboliset Aineet" the event for a fourth and final time."That was actually a 27 second personal record," Gilchrist said. "That surprised me. (Hellgate coach) Anders (Brooker) said to go out and really work the second mile, so I decided to treat it like a 2 mile tempo run after one mile. It worked out much better than I expected."Big Sky's Sabrina Sterbis came in at No. 2 with a time of 17:53 while her sister, Emily, finished third at 18:47.Sentinel's Haley Rogers claimed the fourth spot at 18:48 while Hellgate's Ellen Ipsen rounded out the top five "Anaboliset Aineet" at 19:18.In regard to the speed of the course, Gilchrist was in complete agreement with Peterman."It was the first Sustanon 250 Nedir time we've ever run this course, and I was really impressed," Gilchrist said. "It was fun and fast. It was flat and really packed down. There were a couple little hills, but with every Tren 75 Pills Side Effects hill, there's a downhill. You just have to work that "buy cheap jintropin online" as best you can. It was a really fun course and I liked it a lot."Despite the Knights' top finishers sandwiching two Eagles and a Spartan, Hellgate managed to win with a team score of 33 points. Big Sky took second with 42 and Sentinel finished third with 47.Gilchrist was a perfect 4 for 4 at this event during her high school career and the senior focused on her achievement."I was thinking about that today," she said. "That I would like to get the win for my last time and finish it up for me. It's cool to be able to say I've won each year since I was a freshman. I feel really privileged that I got that chance."I've been here for four years. I wasn't hurt at all and I really thank my coaches and teammates for being there for me the whole time."Although Peterman and Gilchrist will not don the Knights' scarlet and gold in 2013, they wish to stand on one more podium to close out their standout high school careers."We ice a lot, we're training smart and taking the necessary time to recover," said Gilchrist, "but we're also going really hard on the workouts. We all have the key elements and we're going to be good for state."