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Industry Q with author Bill Konigsberg

endeavors to encourage diversity of race, gender, geographical origin, sexual orientation, ability, and class among both the creators of and the topics addressed by kid lit.

My most recent novel is Openly Straight. It will be published by Arthur A. Levine Books (Scholastic) in June of 2013. I came to write it because I was exploring the coming out experience for LGBT folks like myself. I wondered why it is that gay people have to constantly label ourselves in a way that seems to overshadow every other aspect of our identities, and how unfair it is that we must continue to do this all our lives. I was interested in the idea that we are being dishonest if we choose to highlight a different label. In my Testosterone Enanthate Liver first novel, Out of the Pocket, I wanted to make sure that my cast of characters reflected the diversity of our culture. In that novel, my main character is a gay Caucasian male. His best friend, Austin, is half Mexican and half Caucasian. His other best friend, "Anaboliset Aineet" Rahim, is African American. In each of my books, I make a point of showing racial, ethnic, and sexual diversity. I do this because I think it is so important Gensci Jintropin for teens to see themselves reflected in literature.

Who is your favorite character of all time in children's or young adult literature?

I want to include all different sorts of characters, and I do. In my current project, one of my two protagonists is an African American lesbian who lives in Billings, Montana. In creating a character like this, I need to be careful to sidestep expectations and archetypes. In reality, she is a person. A person whose background includes many different experiences, some that I share, and some that I don For those I don I need to find another entry point so that I can understand what it feels like to be in her skin. This is one of the great challenges of writing, and I love it. I can tell you yet whether I will be successful in creating this character, but it won be for lack "Anabolika Definition" of Sustanon 250 Weekly Dosage effort.

"C'mon. Let's have a little girl talk!"

He set about making Sheila's favorite espresso drink, which he then served with those fabulous digestive cookies with the milk chocolate coating. Sheila sat there and watched as Ignacio flitted around making everything perfect again. He was the only one who could make it all okay, and she was so grateful that he was always there to fix things when Ryan acted like a jerk.

"Okay," Igancio said, collapsing dramatically onto the couch. "Here's what we have to do."

Paragraph 2 so pissed at Ryan," Sheila said.

Igancio grunted as he finished firing off a text. "What now?" he asked.

"He totally blew me off last weekend."

Ignacio glanced up from his phone. "You guys are 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone like a problem factory."

"Thanks," she said. "Thanks a million. How's Robert?"

"Passive aggressive, mostly," Ignacio said.

It sets my teeth on edge when I read stories in which gay people exist to make the lives of straight people better. Much like the Magical Negro, these characters are not imbued with their own lives; instead, they focus their wisdom and energy Turinabol Mood Swings on the lives of straight people, especially straight females. Buy Viagra Berlin They are the gal pals these females have always wanted someone to dish with, someone who is beautiful and non threatening and there at her whim, and just as importantly not there when not needed.